Okay! Okay! I love this place!

After resting our weary bodies it was time to go exploring again.  This little spiderweb of a city was drawing us in once more.  And what better place to start than Central Park.  I love this park and it’s people and it’s energy!

We even saw “something” being filmed.  This guy was gracious enough to give me a good photo op between shots.  No idea what this was for!

Cudos to Alexa!  She knew just how to create a great action shot.  Run flat out at the pigeons!

Flat Iron Building-Just plain cool!

Miracle… David perusing a book, in a bookstore with 18 miles of books!  Thanks Strand!

So Manhattan has this place called Rice to Riches, all rice pudding and all heavenly!

Especially when you add buttery graham cracker crumbs!  YUM!

Rice pudding sure made us happy!

Grand Central Station takes my breath away!

So do really cool Irish Pubs!

and Pints of Guinness.

Ok, it’s that time of year.  I think I’ll try one of these too!
 Subway people love to play peek-a-boo!
Even David joined in on the fun!

Good morning!  Who needs animal crackers when you’re in New York?  How about some Taxi Treats instead? 

I think this little guy is hoping his human brings him out some Taxi Treats from Sensuous Bean!
The poor persons way to see the Statue of Liberty!  Free!

Thanks Isamu Noguchi for your Big Red Cube teetering in the Financial District!
We had fun!

And thank you Miss Alexa for stumbling on this little gem!  Cafe Lalo!  I think it is so funny that we had no idea it was a location shoot for You’ve Got Mail!  The Warm Apple Crumb Pie a la mode was devine! 
Goodbye for now Alexa and NYC!  You can count on many more visits from us in the very near future!


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