OK, time to get serious!  Enough of the pretty valleys and meadows and farmland!  Our trip is about to get interesting!
A little nail biting begins…..
Ugggh!  This tunnel goes UNDER the Hudson River!

To get here…

We must go here! 
OOPS!  I think we missed a toll!
Now…we were not sure what to do about getting gas for the truck.  We were told that it would cost $6.00/gallon if the rental company had to top the tank off when we returned it.  Welllllll, since I have my handy, dandy new Droid, I was able to track down several gas stations on Manhattan!  Really??  Gas stations on Manhattan?  Yep!  And I have the pictures to prove it!  See how much money we saved?

So we did it!  We managed to make our way into Manhattan, gas up and head to the little lady’s new digs.
After 2 or 3 laps around Alexa’s block, we finally were able to park the truck.  Let me tell you, I swear people were going around us in their cars, garbage trucks, and school busses with only a “frog’s hair” width between us.  Yeah!! That close!
David was so happy I was here to photograph the whole experience!
Alexa cheesing it up for the photographer!

This pictue makes my legs hurt!

David counted and Alexa confirmed that there are 73 steps one must climb to reach the top floor, which by the way happens to be the floor our dear one lives on (see the two tippy-top windows?).  Who needs the stairmaster or the eliptical machine when you have this little gem of a studio apartment?  Add a few boxes and you have a total workout! 

When we were finally done, we took the truck back (David got a shower at the rental place-tee-hee-hee!), grabbed dinner in Hell’s Kitchen at a great little Italian restauant called 44 Southwest and went home to grab some sleep and attempt to recover our tired bodies. 

Another beautiful New York day awaits our curious, exploring minds!  Yippee!

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