A Moving Adventure For All

It all started with a big yellow truck, some furniture and loads of DVD’s.  Alexa and the Upper West Side…Here we come!

It’s kind of scary thinking about driving into the Big Apple with a 12 foot moving van and having to navigate traffic and crazy taxi drivers, but that we did and what an exciting, beautiful adventure!

If it weren’t for Alexa’s move to NY (and a little man-handling on my part about which route to take), we may never have seen the beautiful countryside of the Shenandoah Valley.  This valley stretching through Virginia and West Virginia offered miles and miles of meadows, farmland, and pastures filled with cows and horses and goats.  To the East of the valley were the Blue Ridge Mountains and to the West, the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians.  To the North, the Potamac River and to the South, the James River.  To top it all off, the leaves on the trees were in their full fall glory and the sun was just starting to rise! 

Good morning Shenandoah!

What beautiful country we saw on our way to the big city!  These pictures did no justice to what we actually saw with our own eyes!  This little stretch of Interstate 81 is a must for anyone seeking scenic perfection!

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