Hurray for Fall!

I love this time of year in the South because we get to plant flowers!!  Pansies in fact!  Their pretty little faces perk up chilly days and though they may bow their heads when it gets really cold, they perk right back up as the sun shines down on them, even through snow (if we get it)!

So today I planted some of these hardy little bundles of color.  I carefully prepared the soil, gently removed the plants from their packaging and tucked them into their bed!  Now while the rest of the plant world is taking a snooze, my Pansies will stay awake and brighten even the grayest of days!  Yeah for Pansies!

I also added a few necessary touches to spook up the place…

Happy Fall!

One thought on “Hurray for Fall!

  1. Alexa

    1. Love the pansy pictures! So vivid and sharp!!2. The witch makes me laugh every year, without fail. I know she is coming, but I always forget how funny she is!3. Apparently snow is no longer an "if" in my world haha 🙂


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