Miscellaneous Tidbits of New York City Memory

Okay… So I guess it’s time for me to close out the blogging of my second trip to NYC.  It is hard to do because I enjoyed my extended weekend with Alexa so much that I seemed to have lingered and spread out my blog almost 2 weeks.  The following are bits and pieces of the trip that got left out of the procession of the trip but were too fun to not mention.
No explanation needed.

A beautiful specimen of Great Dane hanging out with his daddy in Brooklyn.

For David

Can you say “Home Alone”?  A family favorite!

Zombies entering the Apple Store

Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s candy store called Dylan’s.  I wonder how many kids actually heeded the sign!

Candy dresses of course!

Dylan’s candy store sells cupcakes too!

Cool light fixtures at Dylan’s in their upstairs party room

Central Park view of the Jackie Onassis Reservoir

My only rat siting of the trip!

People in NYC love their dogs!

What a great place in Central Park to watch your kids play baseball!

Strawberry Fields

Ironwork at the Dakota

The Dakota where John Lennon was shot

Trader Joes!  Your cart rides up it’s own elevator to meet you at the next floor!   Too cool!

The majestic Empire State Building in the morning

This concludes the blogging of my second NYC trip.  However,  Alexa will be spending at least the next year in this marvel of a city, so there is certain to be more adventures to come.  There is so much I haven’t seen and I can’t wait to see what my seasoned tour guide has in store for us next!


One thought on “Miscellaneous Tidbits of New York City Memory

  1. Alexa

    I think my next blog post should include the best quotes from the trip."Is THAT the Empire State Building?"And, my favorite:"Is that the original Applebee's??"


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