The Brooklyn Experience

We arrived in Brooklyn by subway and wandered for a while knowing that we would soon be rewarding ourselves with the famous Grimaldi’s Pizza.  
 From Brooklyn Bridge Park, we took in the awe provoking sight across the East River called Manhattan and marveled at the expanse of skyscrapers across the landscape.  For me, this was the second best view of Manhattan.  Brooklyn Bridge Park was spectacular with lots of green space, walking paths, playgrounds, and gardens.  When park construction is finished, visitors will be able to walk from pier to pier along the river.

With time to spare, we once again wandered.  This time through Brooklyn Heights.  Tree lined streets housed Brownstones, schools, dry cleaners and shops.  Families bustled around running errands, grabbing Starbucks, or just enjoying their Saturday morning.  I fell in love!
 Next stop…Wait for it…
Now, you don’t just waltz up to Grimaldi’s and expect to get a seat, order, and stuff your face. 
If you’re lucky, you only wait and hour and a half, standing in line, outside, in the heat and with great company (two Ya-Ya’s from Maryland).
We were one of the lucky ones!

Search and find…Where’s Alexa?  You may need to zoom!

At last we arrive!  We order ice cold Olde Brooklyn cream sodas and root beer and dive into the menu.  
All of the pizzas come with crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella.  You then choose from a number of toppings.  We kept our large pizza simple and added sausage.  Great choice!  So good in fact that there was only one piece left when we were finished.  Alexa and I were ashamed to say we weren’t even stuffed!
Our 50 something Maryland friends were seated beside us at lunch and were our entertainment.  The Ya-Ya’s leave their husbands at home when they visit NYC because they complain too much.  These ladies did their lunch up right!  They split a bottle of wine, antipasti, AND a whole pizza!  
Oh yeah!  I almost forgot!   Come to find out, the one Ya-Ya was from a town about 10 minutes away from my home town in Ohio!  Must I say it again?  What a small world!

 Next adventure… a stroll across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, leaving the wonderful borough of Brooklyn behind and reentering Manhattan.

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