To Chinatown and Beyond!

Friday evening meant heading to Chinatown (Joe’s Shanghai) for dumplings that were supposed to be the best in the world  according to one of Alexa’s former professors.  Well, we were not disappointed!  The dumplings were scrumptious though we weren’t quite sure how best to eat them.  I was the hasty one and tried to use my chopsticks while my tour guide took extra care to evaluate the situation before digging in.  Attempting to spare me embarrassment in front of the seasoned dumpling connoisseurs,  Alexa quickly and quietly informed me that the obvious spoon looking thing beside my plate might be a better choice.  Too late.  I had already stabbed the doughy treat with my chopsticks.  Oh well, I was the free entertainment for the eclectic mix of people at our family style meal.  I can handle that!

On the way home we stopped by the wonderful Fairway Market.  Everything was so neatly displayed and colorful with huge loaves of artisan breads, all sorts of cheeses and buckets of olives.  However, don’t plan on buying Band-Aids there (I tried).  This is a grocery market not a drug store people!
The subway was a special treat for me!  I was pleasantly surprised with the musicians playing their jazz, the efficiency of the system (usually) and the lack of rats!  We had several entertaining moments with a few passengers where we learned a few things.  Alexa has mastered the maze under the city and I was in awe watching her problem solve when we ran into a snag!
To be continued…

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