Where do I begin?

This past weekend, I went to NYC to visit Alexa.  I guess that’s a good way to start since the rest of the trip was a whirlwind of sights, sounds, interesting people, great food and the most excellent of company.

Ever since I came back, I have been trying to piece the whole trip together.  Let me tell you, it has been difficult.  We filled every waking moment with some touristy and not so touristy doings.  We accumulated around 15 hours total of sleep for three days and by the end of my visit we both had sore leg muscles and blistered, worn out feet (Sorry David, once again, neither of us heeded your practical advise).

So here it goes.  I will chronologically attempt to retrace our bazillion footsteps through beautiful, quirky NYC.

  • Arrive and pay entirely too much for a cab from Newark Airport to Alexa’s studio.  Advise…stick with the yellow cabs.
  • Stroll down to Shake Shack for a divine experience in Burgerdom. Fries and a vanilla shake complete the ensemble. Stroll a little more and chat :o).
  • Fall asleep to the sweet sounds of garbage trucks, blaring CSI, and clomping high heels above.  AHH!  I love New York!  Alexa, being the New Yorker that she already is never heard a thing!
  • Awake to the sound of an alarm at 5:15 am.  Oh wait…Alexa turned it off and didn’t remember.  Awake at 6:15… I think.
  • Hop on the subway to NBC Studios to watch the Friday morning Today Show.  Yes we acted like all the rest of the goofy tourists hoping to get on TV.  Hey!  You only live once!  Alexa got a picture of me with Lenny and that totaly made my day!  Sorry Matt, Meridith, Al, and Ann, I love Lenny!  Oh yeah, and while we were there, a guy that works where I do recognized me and said Hi!  Small world!
  • Ate real NY bagels, saw where Alexa works, wandered around Bryant Park and visited Grand Central Station.  Thank goodness Alexa was photographing the same things as I was because I somehow lost the pictures of part of my first day.
  • We then marveled at all the pretty things at Anthropologie and while there, I perused a book about things you must see in NYC and stumbled across a button store called Tender Buttons. This place was so quaint and housed thousands of buttons, new and old.  We wondered if maybe designers possibly frequent this shop to adorn their fashions with old, rare treasures.  Some of the buttons were priced in the hundreds of dollars!


  • We mozied our way to our 1:30 reservation at Serendipity for a frozen hot chocolate and sandwiches.  And yes, the frozen hot chocolate was just that and you have to get one if you ever make it to Serendipity.  Tiffany Lamps decorate the adorable restaurant and they have a $1000 dessert and a $70.00 hot dog for those who really want to impress!

  • After our serendipitous lunch, we headed to Central Park.  All I can say is WOW!  I saw runners, cyclists, children playing, boaters rowing and sailboats sailing!  I saw green, green and more green.  It is so pretty and so amazing that this place resides in the middle of a metropolis such as Manhattan.

Oh thank you Alexa for hosting me in your new home!  I can’t wait to come back!  Time for bed!…still cathching up.  More of our adventures to come!

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