My first camera

In 1988, I took my first and only photography class.  I was a freshman in college and loved it.  I was fortunate enough to “borrow” my dad’s practically brand new Nikon FG (he bought it in 1983 so he and my step-mom could take it on their honeymoon to New England ).  I learned so much about the camera and even learned how to develop my own film. 
It is now almost 23 years later and guess what!  I still have that camera in my possession.  It is a beauty and has taken many pictures over the course of it’s lifetime.  It has captured all of my son’s early years, family gatherings and many vacations.  Birthdays, holidays, and milestones.  I have gone through so many rolls of 35mm film that I wouldn’t even dare to guess how many. 
I pulled this camera out today to see if the original flash would work on my new Nikon D5000, (IT DOES!Thanks Nikon!) and I realized how nostalgic it made me feel to have it in my hands again. 
After I got my first digital camera, the FG tended to get left behind more and more as the small, handy digital took it’s place.  This little camera didn’t need film, I could delete pictures I didn’t want and I could load them on the computer with ease. The FG burrowed further back into a corner in my closet. 
But getting that camera out today, I felt grateful for that trusty 35mm and I will always be thankful to my parents for letting me “borrow” it!
Here’s to you my little FG!

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