Dear Alexa,

At this moment, you are flying north to a great big city called New York, hopefully getting a little shut eye!  Well, rest up my dear!  Life for you is about to get really exciting!  You will step off that plane and claim NYC as your own and I believe with all my heart she will welcome you with open arms. 

You are living the dream of so many of us who just didn’t have quite the will and determination to get where you are right now.  You have taken every experience you have ever had, good and bad, and made something of it.  You have worked hard, dedicated great amounts of time and energy to your passion and carried yourself with your head held high. 

While tackling ALL of this, you still managed to find time to check on the ones you love, create an amazing blog and add new friends to your life.  What are you?

I love you so and I can’t wait for you to be our tour guide real soon!



2 thoughts on “Alexa

  1. Alexa

    I love you and I appreciate everything you have done to help me get here! You are loving and encouraging and I am so blessed to have you! I can't wait for you to visit. Christmas? 🙂


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