OK.  So this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer.  For many, it’s the end of long sultry days, bathing suits, and flip flops. No more sipping sweet tea on the porch or back yard BBQ’s. It marks the end of beach trips and sand castles and water guns.  The end of sunscreen, chlorine hair and summer freckles.

But to me, it marks the unofficial beginning of my favorite season.  Fall! 

David even got in the spirit and wore ORANGE for the occasion
Yesterday, I was one of those people out on the lake, enjoying one of the last beautiful days of summer with my husband.  But fall was buzzing (or cheering?)!  We parked our little skiff on the water with Death Valley in site. And do you know what?  College football season has begun!!  Now… I am an Ohio girl and I love my Buckeyes but I also love college football in general (except maybe Michigan football). So as I listened to the roar of Clemson fans as their beloved Tigers ran down the hill to take the field, I actually got goosebumps!!  Yes!  Fall is here!!
Our view of Death Valley
I love walking out the back door first thing in the morning and feeling the crisp, dry air.  You can actually see the blue in the sky because the haze has disappeared and you can even see it from inside the house because all the moisture on the windows has dried up.
Apple picking replaces tomato harvesting, hiking through bold colorful foliage on a State Park trail replaces frolicking in the water, and pumpkins, gourds and pansys replace the fresh produce and flowers of summer at the Farmer’s Markets. Need I say more?
Well, maybe one more thing… HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!!

The air got chilly as the sun set!

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