My first post

Do you ever stop and wonder how strange the concept of time is?  Well I do.  As a matter of fact, lately, it has been all I think about.  I used to wish for time to go by fast…I couldn’t wait for Christmas, my son’s first steps, visits with family, a long work week to pass.  How foolish! 
So how do I find a way to slow down, to enjoy the moment and take it all in?
Answer…a brand new Nikon camera!  The cure-all for my spiraling, fast forward pace.  Here, I get to slow down at the Greenville Farmers Market, take a look at the important stuff and realize that wearing cowboy boots and dresses when you are 5 is the most important thing in the world.  Take a look…

There is nothing like taking a little piece of equipment, and some imagination to slow down time. How is it that I have missed these little snippets of life for so long? Life…Show me what you’ve got. You definitely have my attention!!

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